Follow the Medieval Princes of North Wales with author Sharon Penman

13th Century Medieval Wales and the novels of Sharon Penman

13th Century medieval Wales was a time when the Princes of Gwynedd ruled much of Wales; a time when battle cries rang out as brother fought brother, and the Welsh sought to defend their territory against the English King. Castles rose all over North Wales, together with churches, and the courts and palaces of the Princes. Many of these sites can still be explored and website link provides self-guided driving tours, with a host of historical facts, to appeal ... read more

Welsh Love Spoons

The young man would spend hours carving the spoon with his own hands, in the hope that the girl would accept it. If the girl accepted the spoon, she would demonstrate her interest in him and they would commence on a relationship, which is the origin of the word 'spooning'.

Young men had a lot of time on their hands during the long winter evenings, and while some would turn to poetry or composing songs, others would carve all kinds of things such as kitchen utensils or toys for the children from spare pieces of wood. ... read more